Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sharing the Bubbles!

I think I must be on skip-a-day this year as time seems to be going so fast. We got an amazing taste of summer to come on Saturday with 36'C. I have just finished bottling another batch of beetroot from the garden - not the normal boring single colour that you get from a tin, but multi-coloured ones that taste very yummy......wonder why only certain varieties got grown globally, was it due to yield, taste, disease resistance, drought tolerance or just people preferred certain colours or shapes - that's how come we ended up with predominantly orange carrots grown commercially in Western countries, the orange carrot cultivar became the symbol for the House of Orange in The Netherlands and the struggle for the Dutch Independence.

Apart from my normal pursuits I have been busy this last month or so making guest soaps for fundraising with the money being donated to the National Breast Cancer Association, I didn't quite realise when I started how popular they would be and as it is a wonderful cause, it is definitely a case of more the merrier. Which brings me to my GIVEAWAY I have 5 of these guest soaps to give away, I'll even pay the postage within Australia, what you have to do it guess the weight of all five of them to one decimal point, the closest person wins! There is a detailed description of them on a listing in my MadeIt shop (click the icon on the top right of the blog) to get you in the ball park weight. Good luck and I will be announcing the winner on the 1st of November (or as close to that date as my blogging time allows!).


  1. Hi Ann

    I didn't know you had a blog and really enjoyed reading your posts. Do you follow Linda Cockburn's blog? I have been reading her posts for years. Linda, her hubby and son attempted to go six months without spending a dollar. Won't say more in case you are familiar.

    I am not as commited to green as you - we all have our different focus, but I have been using cloth pads for months now. Within the next week or two I will be opening a second Etsy (may have a go on made-it too) selling them. After trying a handful of different ones I couldn't get the design I liked affordably in Australia so have put together a pattern and made my own, now I have heaps of flannel left.

    Anyway rambles. I am not guessing the soap weight as I can't use them myself being allergic to pink colourings but the friends who have received them have been very complimentary.

  2. Whoo hoo! go the greens, Great blog Ann and very interesting too. I'd love to see some of your art work up here as well:-) See you tomorrow and put your stampin' head on aunt Sally! Lots of inky hugs from Charmaine xx

  3. thanks so much Ann! I will guess 184 grams.

  4. Just for fun I'm going with 187.5