Saturday, March 27, 2010

Splitting Up & saving water

Don't worry it's not DH and I that are splitting up!!! I am splitting my blogs - I now have a new one for my Stampin' Up! stuff which can be viewed here, so that this blog which is more personal and about my whacko environmental side is now separate from my stamping creations.......although since I am such a tardy blogger and average a post a month I'm not sure what that will mean whether I'll get more organised by separating and post more constructively or drop down to posting even less!

I bought something really cool last month - a new sink!! Yes even though our sink is 100% fine and didn't need replacing I bought a Hughie sink insert. I have been eyeing them off for about 6 months and found them at the National Geographic store, but of course have since seen them at the local Bunnings hardware store for ~$25. Ohh well at least I'll be saving water even if I didn't get mine at the cheapest price. It is super easy to use and really sturdy. If i have lots of yucky bits of food etc in the water I do put it in the compost bin rather than on the garden and it's mainly just rinse water I'll recycle onto plants and of course if I am cleaning the cooktop or similar the water goes down the drain as normal and definitely not onto the garden.

We got to celebreate Earth Hour early this week when a storm hit our city and we had not only a spectacular lightening display and desperately needed 40mm of rain, but also large marble sized hailstones! This meant there was havoc on the roads, massive damage to cars and buildings and we lost power for 21 hours, but my cherub had a ball collecting the hailstones

I must say apart from losing power and some perishable food, we got off amazingly lightly compared to some friends who had car damage, water damage in their houses to carpets and worse. It was a little surreal in the shopping centre after they were closed for 2 days and the supermarket looked like a war zone with all of the perishables (fruit/frozen & deli items) almost completely empty. However I am sure by next week most things will be back to normal.

So stay safe and have a good weekend

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