Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of Winter

I guess this is a weird day to start a blog, but now is usually the best time to get things done rather than planning on a specific start date for later & I've had friends nagging at me for years to write a blog! So why GOSS well it's sort of my new thing - well actually it's an old thing that is actually finally starting to take a shape and focus, more than just the vague mish-mash that it has been until now - it basically stands for "goal of suburban sustainability" but I have thought of a few other meanings for the acronym as this blog is about my endeavours into sustainability which encompasses recycling, lifestyle, cooking, gardening and my art so a very broad spectrum of musings really!

Anyway what a glorious day for the last day of winter, beautiful sunny skies and a productive day in terms of running errands & doing some soap making - well sort of! I decided to make some liquorice allsort soaps for Fathers Day and of course not being the most patient individual I managed to pour the first four layers of colour really well before glancing at the clock and thinking that I must finish this up NOW before I pick my cherub up and of course poured the last layer too hot and it melted the layer underneath so I ended up with a top yellow layer with black swirls through it *sigh* ohh well back to the drawing board. I've since looked at it and think I might be able to salvage it another day - melt and pour soap really can be a very forgiving medium sometimes. In the mean time I'm trying to patiently make some more as of course it really needs to be in the mail tomorrow if it's going to arrive in time! Fortunately my family and friends are used to me mailing everything late so I'll no doubt be forgiven. If I figure out how these blog things work I will try to post a photo of the finished products.

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