Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pledge to Try Vege

So to be a bit healthier and reduce meat consumption we switched to eating a vegetarian meal once at week a while ago and then I saw this on a website I must confess my initial reaction is what on earth would I cook for a week of vegetarian meals, but then I thought if I put all the vegetarian options I cook on a once-a-week basis together I pretty much had most of the week covered & it is for a great cause (other than the planet & our health that is - Sanitarium are donating money to the Great Barrier Reef for everyone that pledges to go vegetarian for a week). Anyway after a week of debating and procrastinating I did pledge my support on the website (as did another couple of friends - thanks guys!) and I have my menu plan for the week pretty much sorted so feel better about that too.

For anyone that has never heard of menu planning - it's not just for OCD type personalities or SAHM who need a life. Menu planning is basically a fantastic way to save time, money & stress and remove the daily challenge of what too make for dinner that the family will all eat! If you do a Google it'll come up with a myriad of sites to help the process, but I found a great guide from Simple Savings (link to site on the right hand side of my blog) that under their free downloads has a template to write your menu and tips on going about it. It takes me about 5-10 minutes of planning a week (including checking refridgerator/freezer/pantry/supermarket catalogue for weekly specials) and then writing it on a sheet. Too easy - on that note I'd better go make dinner!

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