Friday, September 11, 2009

When to let it go?

I have a love-hate relationship with my clothes dryer, I love it as it was free (thanks Rob!) and I love the convenience of it when my cherub's absolutely favourite blanket or soft toy gets grotty and needs to be washed and dried NOW, which in winter can be a challenge. However I hate it as they are a convenience I can probably live without, I really hate the amount of energy it takes to run them and I only use it for about an hour a year so is it really worth the appliance taking up space on my laundry wall when it could be freecycled to someone who might use it a lot more. What to do - hmmmm this winter I've used it for one x 5 minute dry & one x 10 minute dry as even with extended wet & cold days generally I have managed to get most of the laundry dry okay, even with a toddler in toilet training who can go through lots of changes a day with that or from being covered in paint, getting wet etc we're still getting by okay without using it - so why can't I make the break and finally get rid of it???

I went craft idea surfing yesterday and found this terrific tutorial on re-using and upcycling plastic grocery bags and went wow, I really want to try this and then after a 5 minute search of the house realised there were no plastic grocery bags in the house, I have been that diligent with using my cloth and eco bags for groceries (even meat - yes it's fine for that too & if there is a bit of blood or something that leaked, take out he hard plastic base of the bag and wash it!) and of course I have my net bags for fruit & vegetables so no thin film bags in the house either. Ohh well I'm sure I could just admire the art these people create with the upcycled plastic bags instead of deliberately getting plastic bags to create some myself which would defeat the purpose of my eco bags.........I know I could ask friends and they would give me some, but do I really need plastic in the house as I was happy without it until I read that blog tutorial!

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